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Educational Field Trips

Educational field trips for Homeschools, Preschools and Schools to visit our farm, are more important today than ever before, as fewer children live on a farm or have any other opportunity to see how plants are grown for food and see and learn about farm animals.

Meet the Animals

This program is ideally suited to meet the needs of Children ages 3-12 . We recommend this tour for young children due to many factors including the length of the tour, and the attention span of the children involved.

  • Pre-school children work well with a 1hr.-1 1/2 program and about 15 students at a time.

  • Animals that can be included on these tours will vary depending on the time and availability of the animals at the time of the tour.

  • Animals may include: Horses, chickens, goats, sheep, geese and donkey.

  • All programs are customizable and we will do our best to fit the tour to the needs of the group.

  • A personalized tour of our beautiful petting farm animals.

  • Our knowledgeable tour guides will discuss the importance of animals on the farm.

  • Children will have an opportunity to feed some of the animals. 


Pony rides are available as an add-on option. PLEASE add ½ hour to your tour time for your children to enjoy their pony rides.

Additional cost: $5.00 per child

Other amenities included in all tours:

  • 2-Indoor Bathrooms on site.

  • A picnic area for lunch or snacks. Snacks, juices and ice cream available for sale in our store.

  • Play areas for the children including slides and photo opportunities

  • Adults are FREE when accompanying group

  • FREE bus and car parking (space is limited).

***Discount Rates available for Homeschool Programs. Call for information 215-766-9356.

You can book birthday parties and school tours all year round, too. Please use the contact form below.

We look forward to seeing you at the farm!! Please book early. We do fill up fast for tours and parties.

PRICES -$150.00 minimum charge up to 15 Children, $7.50 each additional child over 15, Each Additional 1/2 hour $35.00


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