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Designed to align with the Junior Girl Scout's Horseback Riding Badge handbook,

this 2-hour program will meet and address these steps:

1. Know the basics of horseback riding

2. Take care of a horse and learn about safety

3. Prepare for your ride

4. Practice your ride

5. Go for a ride Purpose 

Girls will learn about kinds of riding, tack, and the gear that is essential to each kind of riding. They will learn appropriate horse safety—how to approach, groom, and care for a horse in ways that are healthy for the horse and safe for the rider.

We will touch on general horse anatomy and the basics of horse/human body language. Girls will learn how to lead a horse, halter and tie it and how to tack up a horse for a ride.

Girls will have an opportunity to mount, ride, and dismount a horse in a safe and controlled setting based on their level of expertise and their level of comfort. Time and expertise permitting, girls will go on a short ride. We will touch on ring and riding safety and prepare each girl to earn her badge.

The cost for the program to earn this patch is $35.00 per Scout.

*We do not provide badges.


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